[latex3-commits] [git/LaTeX3-latex3-l3build] ctan-post's head updated: ctanupload: use a table for storing data (5529f72)

joseph at dante.de joseph at dante.de
Fri Dec 7 08:45:43 CET 2018

Repository : https://github.com/latex3/l3build
Branch 'ctan-post' now includes:

     dc22b86 Return errorlevel from save() (fixes #68)
     f570965 Drop a stray variable
     0be0cc1 Compare PDF against correct output
     5acbc36 Typo [ci skip]
     23006f1 Track PDF files in testfilles dir
     a137f8c Revise testing of PDF files
     68b9905 Add metafont to core requirements
     7a07e65 For the moment, drop PDF test files
     9e6440d Some local copies
     d0d7c32 Allow help() to be auto-generated from list of targets
     12c38c6 Drop --pdf data from docs [ci skip]
     89543bb Drop a stray line [ci skip]
     47f450f Use a table-based approach to targets (fixes #23)
     78f3efb Missing "," (and tidy some lines)
     a751454 Move where modules is set up
     02f7421 Drop reporting script name in terminal
     a48fc01 Stray line
     2c662ee Rename a parameter
     64825da Use a text-based approach to PDF  comparison
     4b1c2db Comment out dvipdfmx-focussed lines
     e9260e5 Need mfware
     6dc452c Force loading of fontenc for PDF test
     08fab52 Update .tfp file
     37dc071 Need ec
     1222061 Better font support set up
     307d7f6 Load amsfonts: avoid needing T1 encoding
     7678084 Log changes for PDF tests [ci skip]
     d13a6f9 Re-enable compress settings for DVI mode
     1620669 Notes on PDF testing [ci skip]
     d6cb01f Normalise out compression info in DVI mode
     3ca0d88 Testing an idea .. this might vanish
     511d2f0 Revert "Testing an idea .. this might vanish"
     0e693f4 Avoid a name clash if both .lvt and .pvt give a diff
     314ac91 New option --dirty
     3aaedf4 New variables includetests/excludetests (fixes #49)
     7c47bda Stray separator [ci skip]
     01e9aa0 Extend glob syntax to allow sets
     407f257 Normalise out PDF binary streams
     a14e826 Allow for manual engine over-ride in PDF tests
     de1c571 Revert "Allow for manual engine over-ride in PDF tests"
     fb32ba9 Cleaner normalization of binary content
     73c25cd Step release tag
     2eae840 Minor clarification
     fd6f113 Simplify demo .pvt file
     4310564 Enable PDF checking for all engines
     23d8297 Ensure that .lve-based tests run
     4ed6342 Split out PDF-based tests
     064b3f8 Log changes [ci skip]
     aba7004 Log more changes [ci skip]
     1bb9dde Refactor log/pdf rewriting
     de78bc1 Remove a redundant line
     acc4889 Update a comment [ci skip]
     196a151 Simplify some logic
     938bb99 Cut out some repetition
     75edc7c Stray comment removed [ci skip]
     bdd8475 Remove stray line
     3b8988b Apply -H setting to configs
     6ec2646 Formatting of ChangeLog [ci skip]
     92dd219 More info for multi-config failures
     8ef6d18 Extend uninstall() to cover all trees known
     0ee8294 Make uninstall dry-run output more compact
     ea5f11e Update docs on option list [ci skip]
     ad28396 Add new --full option (fixes #69)
     fb6b975 Use install_files() for ctan() target
     f768bbf New ctanzip variable (fixes #31)
     6127b90 Make update_tag() replaceable by l3build itself
     ab6978a tag() needs to allow for a table as argument
     dc6648b Step release version
     3f95efa Correct extension name
     7b124b8 Suppress additional PDF data
     f597fd9 Internal clarification
     02f1acb Fix creation of bundle CTAN releases
     23e10ca Fix handling of "base" folder in installation
     7f720bd Revert "Internal clarification"
     9edd417 Make info suppression clearer
     f49925f Suppression /TrailerID (LuaTeX)
     0a20e7a Step release version
     9634bdf correct two typos
     c1ad89f One maindir should be currentdir
     a08033e Better error message for missing test (fixes #72)
     090ec0f Retain date lines and normalise to ....-..-..
     08e5582 Correct CHANGELOG subtly [ci skip]
     03dde28 Enable tagging of CHANGELOG.md
     8cb4822 Step release tag
     0996617 Separate scriptfiles and installfiles
     a09bdde Use a dedicated directory for each test config
     db43b79 Enable use of a local texmf.cnf file
     e404a17 Typeset docs before doing local install
     205d309 Correct os_pathsep for TEXMFCNF
     e82d8f2 Some packages are now auto-installed
     6051af4 New ctanreadme variable
     aba1faa Couple of misplaced "
     4bf51fe Wrong argument to pairs()
     6cab20c Have to tidy up before renaming
     d9852d4 Step release tag
     4706d4e Missing } [ci skip]
     aaa7ab0 Avoid issues with TEXMFCNF expansion
     0957101 Correct a variable name
     266e168 Step release tag
     57f8534 Missed a line
     3e11288 Added \SHOWFILE  (maybe one day done by l3build adding the file to the log instead?)
     448e118 Stray tag [ci skip]
     9936f5c Generalise luajitex -> luatex to ^lua... -> luatex (see #75)
     7fa12b9 Remove extra "then"
     678d6dc Simplify some set up
     52d7087 Generalise special casing for "latex" formats (see #75)
     7c8d21c "basename" is more common [ci skip]
     34bb18f Support relative directories as arg to --texmfhome
     4fa1807 Support spaces in file names (fixes #76)
     105b6ba Update ChangeLog [ci skip]
     6a2973b Mumble
     fb4ca4c Update ChangeLog [ci skip]
     f95fbd2 Step release tag
     4d9885b Only quote path on Windows if spaces are present
     0db8453 Correct some subheading levels [ci skip]
     399b652 Correct docs [ci skip]
     d658109 Need a literal path here (see #76)
     df9c0c1 Mumble [ci skip]
     935891c Step release tag
     5b2c77c Remove spaces before page number/file loading lines (fixes #78)
     814dc50 Print tet failures correctly per-config (fixes #77)
     7ecaee5 Typo
     09b2b0d Step release tag
     4671668 copied from ctan-post repo
     1778980 only support curl in this version
     ef952a8 first cut at l3build integration
     27d7e50 remove configuration table in favour of separate field variables to fit better with l3buid style
     3edd867 remove arguments to upload function so can be configured by global variables from l3build settings
     a93be2c make temporary debug message understandable
     6d57eb8 access email from git config, perhaps should have a wrapper function to provide easier interface for that
     8319853 ctan-post minor tidying
     92347fa ctan-post: quote
     b964532 use new stdmain interface for ctanupload
     5529f72 ctanupload: use a table for storing data

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