[latex3-commits] [latex2e-public] r1323 - some amsmath words, starts a 2nd page so we need 1.5 more columns of text now (or trim it back)..

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Mon Jan 9 17:12:34 CET 2017

Author: carlisle
Date: 2017-01-09 17:12:31 +0100 (Mon, 09 Jan 2017)
New Revision: 1323

some amsmath words, starts a 2nd page so we need 1.5 more columns of text now (or trim it back)..

Modified: trunk/doc/ltnews26.tex
--- trunk/doc/ltnews26.tex	2017-01-09 15:56:57 UTC (rev 1322)
+++ trunk/doc/ltnews26.tex	2017-01-09 16:12:31 UTC (rev 1323)
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
 \section{The \textsf{latexbug} package}
-As expliained in more detail
+As explained in more detail
 \href{https://www.latex-project.org/bugs/}{at the \LaTeX\ Project
 A new package, \textsf{latexbug}, has been produced to help produce
@@ -141,4 +141,27 @@
 release. The \LaTeX\ project can not handle bug reports on contributed
 packages, which should be directed to the package maintainer as given
 in the package documentation.
+\section{Updates to \textsf{amsmath}}
+The \textsf{amsmath} package has two updates at this release.
+\item The spacing to the left of the \texttt{aligned} and
+  \texttt{gathered} environments has been fixed, the spurious thin
+  space is no longer added by default. Package options control this
+  to revert to the original behaviour where required, see the
+  \textsf{amsldoc} guide for further details. 
+\item The large delimiters around generalised fractions (for example
+  in the \verb|\binom| construct) did not work in previous releases if
+  using Lua\TeX or Xe\TeX\ with OpenType math fonts. This is releated
+  to the lack of specific metrcs for this use in the OpenType Math
+  table. In principle Lua\TeX\ has two additional named metrics
+  to control the delimiters but these are not initialised by default,
+  and in Xe\TeX\ it does not seem possible to make them work at all.
+  So for Unicode \TeX\ systems, a new implementation of
+  \verb|\genfrac| is used at this release that uses \verb|\left\right|
+  internally but parameterised to give spacing as close to the
+  original as possible. The implementation in (pdf)\TeX\ is
+  unaffected.

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