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Author: javier
Date: 2017-04-13 14:47:54 +0200 (Thu, 13 Apr 2017)
New Revision: 1460


Added: trunk/required/babel/locale/README
--- trunk/required/babel/locale/README	                        (rev 0)
+++ trunk/required/babel/locale/README	2017-04-13 12:47:54 UTC (rev 1460)
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+This directory contains a set of locale files to be used in babel
+3.10.  With them, babel will fully support Unicode engines. They are
+pre-released, so that they could be fine-tuned before the arrival of
+3.10, but are essentially finished (except bugs and mistakes, of
+Some of them are still incomplete (but they will be usable), and
+there are some omissions (eg, Latin and polytonic Greek).
+This is a preliminary (minimal) documentation (the definitive one will
+be added to babel.dtx).
+ini files contain the actual data. tex files are currently just
+proxies to the corresponding ini files.
+Most keys are self-explanatory.
+* charset - the encoding used in the ini file.
+* version - of the ini file
+* level - "version" of the ini specification - which keys are
+  available (they may grow in a compatible way) and how they
+  should be read.
+* encodings - a descriptive list of font encondings.
+* [captions] - section of captions in the file charset
+* [captions.licr] - same, but in pure ASCII using the LICR
+* date.long - fields are as in the CLDR, but the syntax is
+  different. Anything inside brackets is a date field (eg, MMMM
+  for the month name) and anything outside is text. In addition,
+  [ ] is a non breakable space and [.] is an abbreviation dot.
+Keys may be further qualified in a particular language with a suffix
+starting with a uppercase letter. It can be just a letter (eg,
+babel.name.A, babel.name.B) or a name (eg, date.long.Nominative,
+date.long.Formal, but no language is currently using the
+latter). Multi-letter qualifiers are forward compatible in the sense
+they won't conflict with new "global" keys (all lowercase).
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