[l2h] problem for \framebox in picture environment

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Mon Nov 15 08:10:49 CET 2021

shige 11/15 2021

I found a problem for \framebox in picture environment.

\framebox is used as the form "\framebox[w][p]{text}" usually. 
Moreover, it is used as the form "\framebox(w,h)[p]{text}" to 
draw a rectangle in picture mode.

When the latex2html makes images.tex for \framebox, the first 
form is inserted correctly, but the second form is done 

For example, for the LaTeX source:

  Well, another framebox \framebox[7em][l]{sample}.

images.tex will be:

  \begin{figure}  \begin{picture}(200,150)(0,0)


The first form "\framebox(140,100){}" is translated to illegal 
code "\framebox{(}140,100){}}". This translation may be done 
by &wrap_cmd_framebox, which is made in &process_commands_in_tex:

 L13755 # $body .= '$args .= "$`$&" if s/$next_pair_rx//o;'."\n";
 L13756   $body .= '$args .= join("","{", &missing_braces, "}") unless ('."\n";
 L13757   $body .= '  (s/$next_pair_pr_rx/$args.=$`.$&;""/es)'."\n";
 L13758   $body .= '  ||(s/$next_pair_rx/$args.=$`.$&;""/es));'."\n";

When I use the code L13755 instead of L13756-13758, it does not
occur the problem. But I don't know whether this is correct 

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