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Tomas Davidek davidek at ipnp.troja.mff.cuni.cz
Thu Jan 21 16:38:23 CET 2021

Thanks Daniel (and sorry for being late with the answer), the fixes in 
/usr/bin/latex2html you proposed really fix the issue with subequation 

One more rather general issue - if I understood well, all environments 
"not known" to latex2html are processed with (pdf)latex and a picture of 
the corresponding part is included in the HTML instead, right? 
Nevertheless, I have a picture environment (example is attached). When 
processing this simple example, the first picture appears in the web 
page. The 2nd one does not. Well, it requires the axohelp command to be 
run at some point and I don't know how to achieve that. Any idea, please?

Then I have a more complex case with exactly the same simple LaTeX 
picture (figure 1 in the above example). This one is not processed and 
does not appear in the Web page. Hmm, I checked the generated images.pdf 
file and it is not there, but I cannot see any error message in the 
images.log file.... It is not even in the images.tex file.... So, 
somehow the filter did not dump it to the images.tex.... Where should I 
look to figure out what happened?

Thanks a lot for any hint.

Best regards, Tomas

On 1/8/21 5:45 PM, Daniel Gildea wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if you could try commenting out the lines
> shown in the attached patch in the latex2html script.
> This seems to make the numbering work better for me.
> I don't know why the character encoding wouldn't match
> the charset tag.  Can you send an example file and tell
> me what command line options you are using?
> Dan
> On Fri, January  8, 2021 at  3:55PM, Tomas Davidek wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>>    thanks for the mail. Well, I tried to prepare a short example (attached),
>> but this one works perfectly. I have a much larger project that I would like
>> to convert to HTML. I can't send it as a whole tarball right now, but just
>> to give you a flavour what wrong I attach a snapshot of one page (pdf is
>> attached). As you can see, the subequations are numbered as 2.7a - 2.7c (but
>> they should in fact be 2.8a - 2.8c). Moreover, the last sentence refers to
>> one of the subequations (p_{\parallel}), but here the "correct" number
>> appears (2.8b).
>> It is very strange, I should experiment more with that. I double-checked
>> that I processed both the simple example and the complex case in the same
>> way. First I thought the complex case needs one more run of latex to produce
>> the references correctly, but I ran latex/pdflatex before I launched
>> latex2html.... Looking into aux-file, the equation numbers are correct (i.e.
>> 2.8a - 2.8c), so I really don't understand why the picture of the three
>> subequations is produced with incorrect number. Can you suggest another test
>> I can perform?
>> One more item that worries me - latex2html systematically puts
>> charset=iso-8859-2 into the corresponding meta tag, even if the text is
>> encoded in UTF-8. Is there a way to force latex2html to enter the specified
>> charset in every html page?
>> Thanks a lot,
>> cheers,
>>                     Tomas
>> On 1/8/21 2:57 PM, Daniel Gildea wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Could you send a small example file for each of these problems?
>>> Dan
>> \documentclass[11pt]{article}
>> \usepackage[czech]{babel}
>> \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}
>> \usepackage{amsmath}
>> \begin{document}
>> Pro popis interakcí částic se často používají i~tzv.~Mandelstamovy
>> invarianty\index{Mandelstamovy invarianty} $s, t,
>> u$. Představme si interakci dvou částic (1,\,2) za vzniku obecně jiných
>> částic (3,\,4)
>> \begin{equation}
>>    \label{eq:interaction}
>>    1 + 2 \rightarrow 3 + 4
>> \end{equation}
>> Mandelstamovy invarianty jsou pak definovány vztahy
>> \begin{subequations}
>>    \begin{align}
>>      \label{eq:mandelstam_s}
>>      s & \equiv (P_1 + P_2)^2 \\
>>      \label{eq:mandelstam_t}
>>      t & \equiv (P_1 - P_3)^2 \\
>>      \label{eq:mandelstam_u}
>>      u & \equiv (P_1 - P_4)^2
>>    \end{align}
>> \end{subequations}
>> Invariant $s$ zjevně představuje kvadrát celkové energie soustavy v~jejím
>> těžišťovém systému (CMS), invarianty $t, u$ lze vyjádřit pomocí $s$ a úhlu
>> vylétajících částic v~CMS.
>> The velocity $\beta$ is defined as
>> \begin{equation}
>>    \label{eq:beta_def}
>>    \vec{\beta} \equiv \vec{v}/c
>> \end{equation}
>> This is the reference to sub-equations
>> (\ref{eq:mandelstam_s})--(\ref{eq:mandelstam_u}).
>> \end{document}
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