[l2h] use of html5 attributes

Christian Mensing mensingc at retired.ethz.ch
Sun Nov 29 19:37:37 CET 2020

Hello to all,
I'm wondering if there is a way to apply attributes introduced
with html5.
I would like to set the "download" attribute for an anchor:

<a id="tex2html1"
href="some_document.pdf" download >download course 1</a>

I would like to use
\htmladdnormallink[download]{download course 1}{some_document.pdf}
\htmladdnormallink[download=name-for-client.pdf]{download course

I was playing around with\HTML code command, but did not succeed.

<!--Converted with LaTeX2HTML 2020 (Released January 1, 2020) -->
using html5_0.pl

Any hint is appreciated

Christian Mensing
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