[l2h] modified article.cls

Russell L. Harris russell at rlharris.org
Wed May 27 02:01:16 CEST 2020

I wish to use latex2html to create web pages which have a text-only
heading.  The heading is defined in a documentclass file "tgba.cls",
which begins with the lines:


The heading is created with the commands:

    \ArticleTitle{This is the Article Title}
    \journalheader{26 of May, 2020}

LaTeX appears to be happy with tgba.cls, and produces a document with
the headings I desire.

But latex2html complains:

    No implementation found for style `tgba'

    Unknown commands: ArticleTitle journalheader

(1) Can tgba.cls be made accessible to latex2html?

(2) Or is it necessary to copy commands from tgba.cls into the .tex

(3) What happens if I simply rename tgba.cls to article.cls?


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