[l2h] displayed math in 2019 release not right?

Heiko Schröder heikos at online.de
Sun Oct 13 15:26:23 CEST 2019

Dr Massingill reported in March this year, that there are probs with
displayed math in the 2019 release and there were probs with inline
math in previous releases as well.  

Well, the newest Linux Mint 19.2 includes Version 2018.  I searched the
whole mailing list for information about inline math probs, since even
if you have

 There is text with $x^2$ inside. 

there you'll get the formula as a kind of subscript.  Square roots and
other roots work, but not *regular* algebraic expressions.  

BTW:  latex2html Version 2018 is not usable!  I work with it for more
than 20 years, but such a rain of difficulties never occured.  I wonder
if it wouldn't have been better to stay to the older release, because
downward compatibility is the most important thing of usable software.  

I would be glad, if you have an idea, where I can find the thread about
this annoying problem.  

Thanks a lot!

Heiko Schröder

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