[l2h] biblatex support?

Janusz S. Bień jsbien at mimuw.edu.pl
Tue Mar 12 08:41:14 CET 2019


Last time I used latex2html in 2008
(cf. e.g. https://www.mimuw.edu.pl/~jsbien/LaTeX2html.html), later had
no need for the conversion.

Now I try to use it to convert, on the request of the editors, a rather
long paper in XeLaTeX to Word/OpenOffice following the advice


The result of the command

latex2html texfile.tex -split 0 -no_navigation -info "" -address "" -html_version 4.0,unicode

unfortunately has no reference resolved. Is this problem solvable?

Best regards


Janusz S. Bien
emeryt (emeritus)

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