[l2h] displayed math in 2019 release not right?

bmassing at cs.trinity.edu bmassing at cs.trinity.edu
Sun Jun 23 03:14:26 CEST 2019

I'm installing the latest version of LaTeX2HTML (from the
GitHub repository, says it's from 2019), and there are enough
small-but-irritating things that have been fixed from previous
releases (yay!!) that I want to use it, *BUT*:

Inline math seems to be fine (and I seem to remember that this
took some tweaking in previous releases), but displayed math
comes out really big, and not centered.  Attached is a short
self-contained example.  (The 2018 release did this okay.)
I'm doing the conversion with the commands

latexmk   example-ssce.tex
latex2html -no_navigation -split 0 -noinfo -no_footnode -no_math -antialias -image_type png -html_version 5.0  example-ssce.tex

Am I doing something wrong?  

(At first I thought image generation was broken, but then I
discovered that (1) if I have EPS figures in a subdirectory,
I have to convert them to PDF myself first, and (2) the default
image type of SVG doesn't seem to work with the browsers I tried,
namely Chrome and Firefox, but PNG is okay.)

-- blm

Dr. Berna L. Massingill
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Trinity University
One Trinity Place; San Antonio, TX 78212-7200
bmassing at cs.trinity.edu

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