[l2h] problems with verbatim environment, worse in 2019 version

Berna Massingill bmassing at cs.trinity.edu
Tue Jul 2 01:36:14 CEST 2019

Replying inline below ....

On Mon, Jul 01, 2019 at 10:02:05AM -0400, Daniel Gildea wrote:
>>  I was able to fix the problem with verbatim in a figure.  

Thanks for giving the problem prompt attention.  What I get now is
the code as originally formatted (rather than all on one line), which
is progress.  But it's still (for me anyway) coming out in a very
large font.  ??

>>  The other
>>  problems with verbatim I don't know about.

Meaning you're not sure what to do about them?  fair enough.

>>  It's strange that svg isn't working for you.  Do you have pdftocairo
>>  installed?

Yes.  I'm assuming you mean "on the system where you're running the
browsers", but it's installed on the system where I'm running LaTeX2HTML
too.  Both systems are Scientific Linux (rebuilt of Centos as I
understand things), version 7.something.

-- blm

>>  Dan

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