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Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Wed May 2 09:57:44 CEST 2018

shige 05/02 2018

Robert Threet wrote:
| I always just run latex2html file.tex and then modify the CSS and add 
| footers (like Google ads - why not?)
| Surely there is a way to do this auto-magically.  I see under 
| /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/docs a manual.tex.
| I am tempted to run latex manual.tex.  Therre is also a Makefile in 
| that dir but make gives me an error that
| suggests I should be root.
| Hints please@!

If you run latex in that directory, you may need root permission.
Copy the directory to your home directory (use "cp -r" ) and
run make in docs/.

Well, if you want to use your custom CSS file, you can do by 
the latex2html option "-style=file.css". This replace the css
filename to "file.css" in all html files.

To customize the footer of html files, put 


into your init file (~/.latex2html-init) and define 

  sub bot_navigation_panel {

in the file. You can see the sample in dot.latex2html-init.
(it may be in /usr/local/share/lib/latex2html/)

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