[l2h] images generated for math have black bar at bottom

Berna Massingill bmassing at cs.trinity.edu
Tue Jan 9 02:42:46 CET 2018

Subject kind of says it:  The images generated for inline math
have a black bar across the bottom of each image file.  This is
with the latest version of latex2html available from CTAN (file
latex2html-2017.2.tar.gz).  The problem does not occur with a previous
version (also from CTAN, file latex2html-2012.tgz).  I remember running
into this problem at some point in the dim past and someone local to
me coming up with a patch, but that patch has apparently been lost.

I feel like this is a know problem and is discussed periodically,
but I'm not finding previous discussions (very possibly because I
don't know how to search for them effectively -- the list archives
aren't searchable, are they?).

Help appreciated!

Dr. Berna L. Massingill
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Trinity University
One Trinity Place; San Antonio, TX 78212-7200
bmassing at cs.trinity.edu

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