[l2h] converted image of poor quality

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Mon Aug 6 12:23:23 CEST 2018

shige 08/06 2018

Berna Massingill wrote:
| I notice that if I run latex2html on source that pulls in an EPS
| file via \includegraphics the resulting inline image is of very poor
| quality (most notably the text in the figure is almost unreadable).
| I could understand this if the EPS file was converted from some
| bitmap-type format, but it was generated from xfig and seems to
| be resizable with the toolchain that goes from .tex to .pdf.  To
| me it seems like there ought to be some reasonable to way to turn it
| into a nice-looking inline image, but I'm not finding any obvious
| things to try.  Suggestions?

If you want high resolution of your images made by l2h, I will 
show two ways.

1) to use $EXTRA_IMAGE_SCALE in .latex2html-init

If you put 


in your .latex2html-init file, then all images (all includegraphics
figures and all equations) will be made as double size.

2) to use \htmlimage{} in LaTeX file

We assume your image made by l2h is displayed as 400x300. 
If you use html package (\usepackage{html}) and put

  \htmlimage{width=400, height=300, scale=2.5}

in the figure environment having includegraphics command in your 
LaTeX file, then l2h will make bigger figure by "scale=2.5", and
the image will be diplayed as original size 400x300 by "width=400,

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