[l2h] Non standard class questions

Philippe Chauvat philippe.chauvat at laposte.net
Thu Jan 12 12:01:37 CET 2017

Hello there,

I am investigating is bit deeper the usage of latex2html and I am facing
 some issues. So I have some questions

a) I would be sure latex2html is still a good idea when it comes to
convert LaTeX files to HTML. If not please let me know how you would
suggest to proceed.

b) I am using a non standard class and therefore I tried to figure out
how to add it into the latex2html process. So far, my understanding is
that I need to define a myclass.perl file (assuming my non standard
class is named myclass) and put it into the styles directory. Am I right ?

c) Assuming the (b) is yes, I wrote the mylcass.perl file. Into that
class, I have some "RequirePackage" lines and I realized the related
packages are not loaded? Am I doing something wrong ? How do I need to
proceed to have these packages loaded automatically by the latex2html

d) I should have to begin with this, probably,; is there any
"programming manual" for latex2html?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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