[l2h] mathjax with latex2html script for generating html pages

christophe petit christophe.petit09 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:39:20 CET 2015

I know latex2html tool for generating automatically html pages from a .tex
source with nice formulas images (png or gif). I have used it for one of my
report and it is useful.

I have just found out Mathjax which allows to put directly latex formulas
into html code and the result is very good (due to svg format).

I am searching for a tool which can generete html pages with Mathjax
formulas and from a .tex source. Is there such a tool (with a structure
between pages identical to what produces latex2html) ?

I make you notice that I could take my existing html pages (from
latex2html) and apply a "sed" processing to delete all "<table>, <div> and
<img> " tags and keep only the latex code (which is into "html commentary"
tags with latex2html).
So, I would like to modify "latex2html" script in order to only generate
Mathjax (Latex formulas) code. Anyone knows the part of this script to
modify ?

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