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Hi Thomas.

On 08/11/2013, at 3:30 AM, Foregger, Thomas H (Thomas) wrote:

> In the multirow syntax:
> The syntax is:
>    \multirow{<num-rows>}{<width>}{<vert-align>}{... content ...}
> What are the allowed values of vert-align and what are the effects?

The usual supported options are:

 t = top
 m = middle
 b = bottom

when generating HTML v3.2 or v4.0, which set the
 valign=" ... "  attribute to the  <TR> cell.
(There may be an effect also on <TD> cells.
Not sure; it was so long ago this code was written.)

If you use the  -netscape  switch then the
default is  valign="BASELINE"  otherwise it is empty,
so up to the browser's default.

> Tom Foregger

Hope this helps,


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