[l2h] Some mathematical images in my case not fully processed by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 using both an old and a new .tex file

Lawrence Patrick Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 15 08:00:20 CEST 2013

Conditions: TeXLive 2012, LaTeX2HTML 1.71, Konqueror Web browser in an openSUSE-12.3, Linux operating system

I restored the data on my computer's hard-disk drive back to their state on March 21, 2013 when my tests showed that the computer programs LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML were both working, but in fact on July 15, 2013 found that LaTeX2HTML only produced good-looking mathematics for me under certain conditions, as described below.

I had LaTeX commands for mathematics in a file called Throwaway16.tex.  In the corresponding LaTeX2HTML output file Throwaway16.html the mathematics looked good that was produced from a LaTeX2HTML execution probably long before the switch from some earlier version of openSUSE to openSUSE 12.3.  I deleted the folder Throwaway16 and the files Throwaway16.aux, Throwaway16.dvi, Throwaway16.log, and Throwaway16.out.  Then I executed latex and latex2html ...... commands on Throwaway16.tex twice each as a non-root user.  The mathematics in the output file Throwaway16.html again looked good.

In the text editor Kate I selected all of the contents of the file Throwaway16.tex, copied them to the computer "clipboard," and then "pasted" them into a blank file, saving it with the file name of Throwaway28.tex.  Then I executed latex and "latex2html ....." commands on that file and saw numerous "Image"s in the corresponding output file Throwaway28.html instead of the desired mathematics.

In another test using the file Throwaway17.tex I added the -debug option to my latex2html .... command and subsequently found a TMP subfolder containing files within the folder entitled Throwaway17.  LaTeX2HTML "reported" that the /tmp/l2h1004 folder would contain images.  But after the LaTeX2HTML execution a directory entitled l2h1004 was not found on the hard-disk drive.

All three files Throwaway16.tex, Throwaway17.tex, and Throwaway28.tex were saved in the text editor Kate in the 8-bit Uniform Transformation Format (UTF-8) encoding.  The mathematics in the corresponding DeVice Independent (.dvi) files produced by execution of LaTeX on those three, .tex files gratefully looked good in the computer program Okular.  I request diagnostic-procedural or problem-cause-guessing help in consistently obtaining good-looking mathematics in .html (HyperText Markup Language) output files produced by LaTeX2HTML. 


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Subject: Re: Some mathematical images in my case not fully processed by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 using both an old and a new .tex file
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 01:20:59 -0400

Correction: It is LaTeX, not LaTeX2HTML which is 
desired to "find" html.sty in the directory /usr/lib/texmf/tex/latex/html.  
Sorry, I made that error.

From: Pat Somerville 
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 1:12 AM
To: latex2html at tug.org 
Subject: Re: Some mathematical images in my case not fully processed 
by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 using both an old and a new .tex file

Hello.  I checked the dates of "builds" of software 
packages that I have installed and with names of software packages that 
LaTeX2HTML requires and found that a number of them were "built" before I 
installed a working pair of LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML computer programs in an 
openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system by about March 20, 2013. For example, for 
the software packages Netpbm and Perl, which LaTeX2HTML requires, the dates of 
the "builds" of them that I now have installed in my Linux operating system are 
earlier in time than the date of my installations of openSUSE-12.3 Linux, LaTeX, 
and LaTeX2HTML which gratefully worked well together in late March of the year 
2013. But yet something apparently changed in the software installed in my 
openSUSE-12.3, Linux operating system between late March of the year 2013 and 
early July of the same year to cause a problem for LaTeX2HTML 1.71. 

Today I provide additional information which may or may not 
provide clues to why "Image" instead of "1/2" appeared in equation mode in the 
.html (HyperText Markup Language) equivalent produced by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 of the 
LaTeX code y=\frac{1}{2}x^2. For discussion purposes here I use the fictitious 
file name MyFile.tex; my actual file name is different from MyFile.tex. As a 
non-root user after executing a command of the form "latex MyFile.tex" and then 
a command of the form "latex2html ......... MyFile.tex," I saw in the 

"Images will be generated in /tmp/l2h1683

Error: Unlink "WARNINGS" failed: Permission denied at 
/usr/bin/latex2html line 9269. Cannot create directory 'TMP': Permission 


And afterwards I did not find the subdirectory l2h1683 in 
the /tmp directory.

Executing the command of the form "latex2html ........ 
MyFile.tex" as a root user I think eliminated such error messages. But 
unfortunately still the desired "1/2" did not appear in the output, .html file 
in equation mode.

I unstalled the openSUSE-12.3 software package called 
"latex2html" and reinstalled it using Yet another Software Tool 2 (YaST2). 
Things worsened.---After a command of the form "latex MyFile.tex" the file 
html.sty was reported as not found. But html.sty was in the directory 
/usr/lib/texmf/tex/latex/html. So please explain how I can make LaTeX2HTML 
"find" it there. Anyhow, copying html.sty from /usr/lib/texmf/tex/latex/html to 
my directory in which I store .tex files and running a command of the form 
"latex MyFile.tex" there was what one might call a "workaround" solution that 
enabled "LaTeX2HTML" to "locate" a copy of the file html.sty. After executing a 
command of the form "latex2html ...... MyFile.tex," the desired "1/2" in 
equation mode still did not appear in the produced file with a name of the form 
MyFile.html. Inserting ? in each of two lines of code in the file 
/usr/bin/latex2html according to 
http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/latex2html/2008-December/003489.html eliminated 
mathend# appearing in place of mathematics in text of the .html output 

I experimented and found that as a non-root user in the 
Konqueror Web browser and file manager I could make a test subdirectory and 
delete it. As a root user I entered the command "lsattr -d /tmp" and obtained a 
result similar to "----------e-- /tmp" with the "e" standing for "extent," 
meaning that files would be written in contiguous fashion in the probably ext4 
file system in which my openSUSE-12.3 partition of my computer's hard-disk drive 
was written. So that result was okay. I also entered the command "getfacl /tmp" 
to obtain an access control list and afterwards saw that the /tmp directory had 
read, write, and execute permissions for that directory's "Owner," for "Group", 
and for "Others". In addition there appeared the line "#flags --t" in the output 
after entering the command "getfacl /tmp". The "t" indicated that the "sticky 
bit" was set, meaning that only a root user could delete or rename files in the 
directory /tmp; I assume the same thing would apply to subdirectories of /tmp. 
As a root user entering the change mode (chmod) command "chmod -t /tmp" to unset 
the sticky bit did not help to have "1/2" in the .html output resulting from a 
command of the form "latex2html ...... MyFile.tex". So I reset the sticky bit 
with the command "chmod +t /tmp". The summary of this paragraph is that I found 
nothing restrictive in the ordinary or extended attributes of the directory /tmp 
that should have prevented latex2html from making a subdirectory within it with 
a name of the form l2h......

The image of the factor of 1/2 needed in equation mode 
apparently was not written into into a .png (Portable Network Graphics) image 
file. Please help me solve the problems of making the image of 1/2 appear in 
equation mode and of enabling LaTeX2HTML to "locate" the file 


From: Pat Somerville 
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 12:49 AM
To: latex2html at tug.org 
Subject: Some mathematical images in my case not fully processed by 
LaTeX2HTML 1.71 using both an old and a new .tex file

Hello. In March of the year 2013 I upgraded or else performed a "clean" 
installation from an openSUSE-12.2 to openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system. 
Afterward I installed lots of texlive software packages and updates to software 
packages in the openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system. I then performed tests on 
a .tex file using the programs LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML. My notes of March 20, 2013 
show that things regarding LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML worked okay in that test. 
Afterward I think I added one ? to each two lines of computer code in the file 
/usr/bin/latex2html, following Shigeharu Takeno's kindly provided advice at 
http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/latex2html/2008-December/003489.html on the 
Internet. On the same day after making those edits my notes indicate that in a 
test LaTeX2HTML produced good-looking mathematics. Checking those edits on July 
8, 2013 it appeared that gratefully I made them correctly. One unusual thing is 
that unlike after previous installations of openSUSE and texlive software 
packages no line reading, except for the double quotation marks, " $DVIPSOPT= ' 
-Ppdf -E'; " was found in the file /usr/lib/latex2html/l2hconf.pm; so due to not 
finding such a line of code, it was not commented out, as I had done on one or 
more earlier occasions again following Shigeharu Takeno's kindly provided 
advice. I have updated the openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating system, in which I have 
been using LaTeX2HTML 1.71, numerous times since March 20, 2013, most recently 
on July 7, 2013.

But on July 8, 2013, while running a "latex2html ......" command on a .tex 
file, I observed I think a new phenomenon for me (A "latex ....tex" command had 
already been executed by that time.). After seeing the message reading something 
like "processing 192 images," unlike what I had seen in the past when processing 
a new, .tex document, I did not see the image numbers appearing one per line in 
a terminal program as those images were being processed as the result of a 
"latex2html...." command being executed. Then afterward when attempting to view 
the .html document produced by LaTeX2HTML 1.71 I saw inline mathematical images 
within a paragraph of text displayed correctly. But following that success in 
the .html file unfortunately I saw some parts of equations appearing in each 
failed case as "Image" in my installation of the Konqueror Web browser (The 
problem was also observed in a Mozilla Firefox Web browser.). For example, in 
the test equation y=(1/2) x**2, with LaTeX code for it appearing as 
y=\frac{1}{2}x^2, x squared was displayed correctly in equation mode; but for 
the fraction of one-half instead the word "Image" appeared on what looked 
something like a software "button." Looking in the folder in which LaTeX2HTML 
produced the .html output file in one case many Portable Network Graphics (.png) 
files were there. In a different test case I tried to inspect a .png image file 
using the program GNU (GNU's Not Unix) Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and saw 
the word "Image," but otherwise did not see "1/2" or a portion of an equation. 
So apparently such images were not completely produced by LaTeX2HTML for a very 
general reason I later hypothesize here. Unfortunately this "Image" problem 
occurred when processing both an old and a new .tex file using probably the 
combination of the programs LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML. On the other hand, when the 
DeVice-Independent (.dvi) output file produced by LaTeX was viewed in the 
program Okular, the sampled equations looked good.

In summary, this matter appears complicated because of the many software 
packages installed in my Linux operating system. But I think I used LaTeX2HTML 
version 1.71 even before my installation of the openSUSE-12.3 Linux operating 
system and do not recall ever seeing this exact problem before July 8, 2013. And 
shortly after the installation of openSUSE 12.3 and some "texlive" software 
packages and making some updates to software packages within the openSUSE-12.3 
system, the programs LaTeX and LaTeX2THML worked okay. My subsequent edits of 
two lines of code in the file /usr/bin/latex2hml gratefully appear to have been 
properly made. So a simple hypothesis is that the "Image" problem might have 
been caused by one or more of the many updates to software packages in openSUSE 
12.3 that I have made through Yet Another Software Tool 2 (YaST2) since March 
20, 2013. I do have a file called images.log in the .html file's output 
directory that contains about 349 lines for a test case. Perhaps there could be 
a clue to the problem within that file. I request that someone please either 
make a good guess for me of the cause and solution to this problem or else 
provide for me a diagnostic means by which I could hopefully determine the cause 
of this problem, such as to look for a certain kind of clue in the file 

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