[l2h] I'd like a way to have four Greek words displayed in a .html file produced by LaTeX2HTML without too much space between adjacent Greek letters.

Pat Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 12 07:16:20 CET 2013

Hello. I would like to enter four Greek words into a .html (HyperText Markup Language) file produced by LaTeX2HTML that otherwise contains English-language words, figures, equations, and references; two of the four Greek words are the same. Could someone kindly provide me with a method in a .tex, LaTeX file which on executing a latex2html.... command on that file will produce nice-looking Greek words in a .html (HyperText Markup Language) file and without too much space between adjacent Greek letters in a Greek word?

Here is a brief summary of the sort of things I have tried so far, but have not yet had the good-looking success I desire in LaTeX2HTML output with the four Greek words:







\greektext qronoc (to have "chi rho omicron nu omicron varsigma" in Greek letters)


\latintext For English-language text here



That sort of thing worked in the .dvi (DeVice-Independent) file produced by a command of the form "latex MyFile.tex," but probably only produced "qronos" for me in the .html file produced by a latex2html ...... command using LaTeX2HTML 1.71.


Having $\chi\rho $o$\nu $o$\varsigma $ or something similar within text in my .tex, LaTeX file produced the corresponding Greek letters alright, but with too much space between adjacent Greek letters. Inserting multiple \! between adjacent Greek-letter designations unfortunately did not remove all of the space between adjacent Greek letters.


Between \begin{equation} and \end{equation} I entered some Greek letters, perhaps like \chi\rho\mbox{o}\nu\mbox{o}\varsigma . The Greek letters were displayed in the LaTeX2HTML-produced, .html output file, but with too much space between some pairs of Greek letters. I may not yet have tried to insert \! between Greek-letter designations in equation mode.


In recent years my lengthy latex2html... command often had "html_version3.2,math" in it. But at least once in tests for the Greek words I had "html_version4.0,math,latin1" in such a command. And in equation mode I once used "html_version4.0" in my lengthy latex2html..... command in a failed test concerning a pair of Greek words.
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