[l2h] Requesting sample code used in a .tex file for including animated figures, presently as .gif files, in output .pdf and/or .html files/file, et cetera

Pat Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 31 08:59:33 CET 2012

Hello. I have some .gif files I'd like to include in .pdf and/or .html output files/file. I got the impression from AlexG's posting on http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/34774/including-gif-image-in-pdflatex-document/34776#34776 on the Internet that I may need to first convert the .gif files to .png files using the "convert" command-line tool of ImageMagick; and perhaps that might be necessary because pdftex can't work with .gif files.---Do you agree with this latter idea? I downloaded something to make ImageMagick's file converter program called "convert" work from http://wiseconvert.com/d/imageconverter.php, but so far haven't succeeded in making such a conversion.---In a command-prompt window in Windows XP Home Edition I entered a command of the form "convert input.gif output.png" in the directory where a file with a name of the form input.gif was located. But that didn't seem to work for me. I also tried using the Image Converter facility built into my Firefox Web browser by the installation of ImageMagick's "convert" or else something to do with it. The result of that process was "The file has not been converted due to errors." Maybe something to do with ImageMagick's "convert" was installed in my Firefox Web browser to access an online program which is supposed to make the file conversion because I saw after I selected my .gif file an indication that it could have been uploaded to the Internet. I wonder if the size of the .gif figure needed to be specified somehow. I read that another ImageMagick program called something like identity, identify, or identifier may be able to give the size of a figure in some dimension.

On a Linux-loaded computer with TeX Live (probably 2012) installed on it I have also installed the software package called "animate" from a Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) Web site. So on a .tex file I'd like to be able to run a latex, pdftex, and/or pdflatex command and then a latex2html command to produce .pdf and/or .html output files containing some animated figures (From the Internet I think I may have seen one .pdf file produced by someone else which included animation.).

1) Which program should I be using at the first stage for that purpose, latex, pdftex, or pdflatex?

2) Please provide sample code in the .tex file appropriate for animated figures in the .pdf and/or .html output files. In the case of a .html output file containing an animated figure I would expect to enter a latex2html command on the .tex file. In the case of a .pdf output file containing an animated figure I suppose I might need to enter a pdftex or pdflatex command. However, I don't think I have used pdflatex and might not even have it installed on my computer, unless it automatically is included in TeX Live 2012.

3) How may I succeed in getting ImageMagick's "convert" program to convert .gif files to .png files, assuming that is necessary?

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