[l2h] inline \verb does not work when data on windows and using latex2html from Linux in VBox

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Wed May 9 23:24:12 CEST 2012

I hope someone can give my few hints on this issue.

This has been a problem for me for long time, and I
am finally sitting down to resolve it.

The problem is simple to describe: When I build this file

----------- t.tex -------------------------
this is \verb=some text=

using the command  latex2html t.tex The inline verbatim
does NOT appear in the HTML

------ generated HTML ---------

this is <code></code>

this ONLY happens when the file t.tex is on a windows disk
(i.e. NTFS) and I have the disk mounted as shared folder
so as to access my data from Linux running inside a VBox.

I use windows, and I have VBox and I have Linux as guest OS.

Hence, in the above I have


When I copy t.tex to my Linux home folder (now on ext4
file system)


And again issue the same latex command on the above file, and
look at $HOME/t.htm, then now verb works and I see this:

this is <code>some text</code>



Same latex2html is used, same OS (linux), etc...

It is just the physical location of the t.tex which
make this problem show up.

This only affects inline verb. Not block verbatim, this
works fine


I am using LaTeX2HTML Version 2008 (1.71)

I am looking for a hint where to look. I have no idea
what can cause this problem. It is causing me lots
of problems, because I use inline verb allot, and
I have to keep copying files from windows to Linux
to build them and copy them back to window just
for this.

Where is <code>  </code> processed in latex2html perl?
may if I look there I might spot something.

Any one has an idea or hint, will be great.


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