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stéphane vidal stephane.vidal09 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 14:41:53 CEST 2012


I have succeeded to generate html pages of tex courses. My problem is now
to apply my personal CSS layout to these
files. In order to have, for all the different pages, a good vertical
alignment of equations, I use this CSS rule :

div.mathdisplay table.equation img[align="bottom"] { line-height:auto;
height:auto; vertical-align: middle;}
div.mathdisplay table.equation img[align="middle"] { line-height:auto;
height:auto; vertical-align: middle;}

the "auto" with "line-height" and "height" allows me to adapt dynamically
with the size of the equations wich is not
always the same. So with this, all the equations are correctly aligned (at
least with firefox)

Now, my issue is about the vertical alignement of the text between the
"<span class="MATH">" and "<img ... >" element like in this example :

<div align="CENTER" class="mathdisplay"><a name="eq71"></a>
<!-- MATH \begin{equation}
\end{equation} -->

<table class="equation" cellpadding="0" width="100%" align="CENTER">

<tr valign="MIDDLE">

<td nowrap align="CENTER">

*<span class="MATH"> **rot <img* width="158" height="60" align="MIDDLE"
border="0" src="img255.gif<view-source:>"


<td nowrap class="eqno" width="10" align="RIGHT"> (<span class="arabic">2</
span>.<span class="arabic">23</span>)




the text "*rot*" is bottom aligned relatively to the image "img255.gif". I
would like it to be middle vertical-aligned with the image, how can I get
it (what CSS rule have I to apply) ?

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