[l2h] Problems with larger documents when generationg images

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Fri Jan 27 01:30:47 CET 2012

Hi Mark,

On 26/01/2012, at 9:46 AM, Duke, Mark wrote:

> Hi Ross,
> Sadly that didn't help and it is still generating the files with only 3 digits.

Then that may be a limitation hard-coded into  dvips .

> I've tried sifting through the latex2html and still can't work out where the number of digits is controlled.

There is no variable for this, which is consistent with  dvips  not
granting access to change it.

> You wouldn't have any ideas, would you?

Study the section of the LaTeX2HTML manual for creating "Segmented Documents".
This lets you process parts of the whole document as smaller jobs.
(e.g., split at each \chapter or \section )

There is a fair bit of setup required to have the different jobs produce
interlinked output, that appears as different pages in a single large job.

But if you have < 1000 images in each segment, then this provides a way
to move forward with a very large document.

The LaTeX2HTML manual itself is done this way, so serves as
example source coding + Makefiles.

> Thanks,
> Mark

Hope this helps,


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