[l2h] Website and documentation need fixes and updates

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 23 16:19:09 CET 2012

Martin Walch <walch.martin at web.de> wrote:

> is someone able to make an update to the website and the documentation?
> The website located at
> http://www.latex2html.org/
> fails loading three graphic files:
> http://www.latex2html.org/icons/l2h/next.png
> http://www.latex2html.org/icons/l2h/up.png
> http://www.latex2html.org/icons/l2h/prev.png
> Also some of the graphics files that
> http://www.latex2html.org/icons/README.html
> is trying to load do not exist.

(i can't hack at the website...)

> Most of the hyperlinks on the whole website are old and dead.
> These files in CVS contain *many* dead links:
> http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/user/README
> http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/user/FAQ
> http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/user/INSTALL
> http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/user/Changes
> http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/user/docs/*.tex
> typo in http://www.latex2html.org/~latex2ht/user/FAQ:
> >change_begin 98.1
> >   One way LATEX2HTMLmay be obtained

so i thought to create a pdf version that people could read from ctan.

the manual sources don't work with pdftex, since they're hard set-up to
use dvips.  they don't work with latex because hyperref has changed
since they were created, and the source's reuse of a hyperref internal
macro longer works.  (actually, even if i hack the source to make latex
at least start, the same error as seen with pdftex bites in the same

so i tried distilling the manual.ps.gz from ctan.  that works (and is
tolerably readable both in gv and acrocr*p reader 9), but is built with
type 3 (read: metafont) fonts, so it's not really desirable.

in the circumstances, i've generated a version with type 1 fonts using
pkfix, and installed the pdf on ctan.

modulo propagation delays, you should find it at


expect it to take up to 24 hours to get to your "local" mirror (as
defined by the mirror-redirector used for mirror.ctan.org)

i appreciate that a pdf doesn't have qualities one would expect from an
updated html, but as i've outlined, i don't currently know how to create
a working version of that.


Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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