[l2h] verbatim does not work when having a math equation nearby in a table with '+' in it.

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Tue Feb 14 11:04:14 CET 2012

I found the problem.

I use Linux this way on window: I install Linux in a VM
(Oracle's VMbox) hosted on windows 7.

But all my data (.tex files, bash build scripts, etc..) are
still on windows file system.

I mount my windows disk as shared folder so I can access the
data it from Linux.

I use Linux for all my scripts/latex/latex2thml etc..

Now, when I copied the .tex files out from my windows to
Linux VM file system (i.e. ext4) to $HOME/ on the Linux, and
run latex2html on them there, then the problem went away!

Same latex files. same command, same latex2html, nothing else
changed except the location of the files!

I do not know why this happens. It could be CR/LF issue
somewhere, or symbolic link issue, or something else.

So, this is a good lesson for any one mounting VM on windows
and using Linux, and running latex2html on their files which
is on windows shared folder to watch out.

I'd like to move completely to Linux, but I have applications that
I have to use on windows.

Cygwin latex2html is broke, and was not able to get it to work under

I can try latexthml on windows itself, but I find linux easier
to use.

Well, at least now I now know what caused all this headache.

Thanks for everyone's help, and sorry for the trouble.


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