[l2h] What is a good way to introduce five or six consecutive, blank spaces within text in a .html file produced using LaTeX2HTML?

jos j at w3k.org
Fri Oct 14 00:24:15 CEST 2011

I have been happy just using the verbatim environment:


I think it looks fine, and one can copy/paste it out of a browser 
window, ready to use, more or less. (On the Mac I have to change ^M 
to ^J with an emacs macro.)

Example of how it comes out (in conjunction with my .css file): 

- jos

At 02:58 PM 10/13/2011, Peter Flynn wrote:
>On 13/10/11 04:39, Pat Somerville wrote:
>>Hello. This year of 2011 I wanted to include Fortran computer program
>>code (footnote below) and output listings in .tex files and then run
>>latex and latex2html commands on those files to produce .html output
>>files. But I have yet to produce all of the blank columns or spaces and
>>in the proper locations that I would like to see them in the output,
>>.html files at or near the beginnings of all of the desired Fortran
>I think you may be pushing l2h beyond the limits of its capability.
>Essentially, what you need is for LaTeX to use the listings package, 
>so that the spaces in your FORTRAN code are retained, and for the 
>conversion to HTML to turn this into HTML's <pre> element type. I 
>remember seeing a colleague try to do this once, and I'm fairly sure 
>he failed. Alternatives:
>1. try TeX4ht instead of latex2html
>2. do it the other way round: write your document in XML (DocBook, 
>for example), and then transform it (a) to LaTeX for making a PDF 
>and (b) to HTML for the web, using a pair of XSLT scripts. Much more 
>work, but much more control.
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