[l2h] lines between rows in table, how to remove them?

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Fri Mar 25 12:12:40 CET 2011

shige 03/25 2011

Nasser M. Abbasi wrote:
> I was wondering if there is something I can do to change this
> behavior by l2h. I wanted the table to look like it is in
> latex if possible.

For the border line, I think LaTeX tabular environment is 
more flexible than HTML table. For your example, the 
following may be one solution for your LaTeX code (some 
browsers may not support RULES attribute):

Ex. 1:
  <TABLE BORDER="1" RULES="rows">

But I don't know how to translate simply the following LaTeX
table to the HTML table:

Ex. 2:
    a & b \\    % NO \hline here
    c & d \\ \hline
    e & f \\ \hline

Though latex2html has codes for \multicolumn and \multirow
to translate them to COLSPAN and ROWSPAN, it may do nothing
for \hline and \cline.

One simple solution of your problem using latex2html is to 
make image:

Ex. 3:
    a & b \\    % NO \hline here
    c & d \\ \hline

This will give the same results as the output by pdflatex.

I think another solution is to use several background colors 
for grouped cells. For example, this is the HTML sample for 
code2 above:

Ex. 4:
  <TABLE BORDER="1" RULES="none" FRAME="border">
    <TR><TD CLASS="celgrp1">a</TD><TD CLASS="celgrp2">b</TD></TR>
    <TR><TD CLASS="celgrp1">c</TD><TD CLASS="celgrp2">d</TD></TR>
    <TR><TD CLASS="celgrp3">e</TD><TD CLASS="celgrp4">f</TD></TR>

  TD.celgrp1 { background : #ffccff }
  TD.celgrp2 { background : #ffffcc }
  TD.celgrp3 { background : #ccffff }
  TD.celgrp4 { background : #ffffff }

To achive this by latex2html, you will need to modify the
versions/html*.pl and your latex file.

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