[l2h] Need dim and half dim symbols

jos j at w3k.org
Fri Jun 25 01:36:06 CEST 2010

Here is what I use for the degree symbol:


In principle this should put a slash through it:


(Maybe something to try)

- Julius

At 02:25 PM 6/24/2010, Bob van der Poel wrote:
>I'm doing some "music" docs and am trying to get a small degree sign
>and a slashed degree to use for diminished and half-diminished chords.
>I tried a few symbols, but ran into problems with the 2 different
>symbols not being the same size, so created the following 2 little
>    \newcommand{\diminished}{{\bf\raisebox{.4ex}{o}}}
>    \newcommand{\halfdim}{{\bf\raisebox{.4ex}{\o}}}
>Not perfect, but acceptable in the latex doc. However, when I use
>latex2html the box is NOT raised, so the 2 symbols appear on the same
>baseline as the rest of the text. Not good.
>So, I tried putting a $ $ around the defs. Okay, not I get a poor
>resolution O for both, and it is raised. But there is no slash in the
>I checked, and math should be working ... here's the command line
>sucked out of my makefile:
>latex2html  -split +1  -dir html  -no_footnode  -local_icons  \
>                 -up_url ../mma.html -up_title "Main MMA Reference" 
> -html_version
>4.0,latin2,unicode \
>                 $(TARG).tex
>And I checked my ~/.latex2html-init file and nothing there about math.
>So, this should be working :)
>I'm doing something wrong. Or does someone have a recommended set of symbols?
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