[l2h] Relative/Absolute paths of images and failure when the images are accessed by the variable $TEXINPUTS

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Jan 21 23:16:20 CET 2010

Hi Mark,

On 22/01/2010, at 3:34 AM, Mark Duke wrote:

> Hi Ross and Nasser and community,
> Thanks first of all for your help!
> @Ross - the idea with the symbolic links would be fine, but the  
> generated files are not on the web, but should be machine  
> independent and be accessible on any machine independent of the  
> web, which is why all paths have to be relative.

By "any machine", do you mean that you want to copy a whole sub- 
tree from one place to another?

Then you could use "hard links" ( ln <source> <target>) instead of
symbolic links  ( ln -s <source> <target>)

Or when you make an archive  tar -h   follows symbolic links
and includes the file itself, rather than the link.

> I have effectively the same problem as addressed by the following 2  
> threads:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/latex2html@tug.org/msg01914.html
> http://www.mail-archive.com/latex2html@tug.org/msg01915.html
> The second answer with modifying $COPY_GRAPHICS=1 in graphicx.perl  
> has helped me a lot. The files are now copied to the html output  
> directory and are referenced relatively :-) . This only works,  
> however, if the path to the images are entered directly in the  
> includegrpahics command:
> \includegraphics{./mypics/install_lic_webfront_mypics}
> If I try and access the files via either the $TEXINPUTS (which  
> previously worked with my eps files) or with the \graphicspath{{./ 
> mypics/}}

If the HTML directory is a subdirectory of where the source is located,
this may need to be  \graphicspath{{./mypics/}{../mypics/}} .

Or have a symbolic link to the directory within the HTML directory.

Either of these should ensure that the  $COPY_GRAPHICS=1   branch
of the coding in   graphics-support.perl  has the correct directories
listed in the  $GRAPHICS_PATH  variable.

> then the translator tries to convert the pictures and the converted  
> picture (conversion is not necessary; it's only needs to be copied)  
> is a corrupted png :(((((
> If I could just get the $TEXINPUTS or \graphicspath to work then  
> things would be great. Do you have any other ideas? Or has anyone  
> else had this problem?

Try the above suggestions.

> Thanks loads in advance,
> Mark

Hope this helps,


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