[l2h] Rotation of .JPG photos

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Thu Dec 16 21:28:13 CET 2010

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On 17/12/2010, at 6:24 AM, Dines Bjorner <bjorner at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear TUG
> When, in a LaTeX html doc. I use
> \begin{rawhtml}
> <IMG
> src=phoyo.JPG
> HEIGHT="200">
> \end{rawhtml}
> how do I rotate the photo ?

There is no provision in HTML for rotating images.
It might be possible in some late version of CSS,
but that requires a whole different technology, and
maybe not all browsers support it anyway.

The simplest solution is to create a rotated version 
of your image, as well as the non-rotated one,
and simply serve this one at the appropriate point
in your document. There are many utilities available
to do the rotation, depending on what computing platform 
you are using.

> Dines 

Hope this helps,

    Ross Moore

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