[l2h] Double-spacing command in a .tex file worked in a .dvi file using LaTeX 2e, but not in a .html file using LaTeX2HTML 1.70.

Finn Aarup Nielsen fn at imm.dtu.dk
Sun Aug 15 13:59:11 CEST 2010

Hi Pat,

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010, Ross Moore wrote:

> That last statement Is not quite true. The CSS language can be used to 
> add extra information about detailed layouts for items on a webpage. 
> When LaTeX2HTML was written, the CSS specifications were in rather early 
> stages of development, and not well supported by web browsers. 
> Nevertheless, there is a mechanism to add CSS rules using LaTeX2HTML. 
> You can learn about it in the book The LaTeX Web Companion. It requires 
> you to adjust your LaTeX source somewhat, and/or edit .CSS files after 
> the translation has been done. These are things which do not happen 
> automatically.

Adding the line:

body { line-height: 2; }

... to the generated .css file seems to do the trick.

Ideally latex2html would handle this case.



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