[l2h] Best GNU/linux distro for latex2html?

Jean-Pierre Chrétien jeanpierre.chretien at free.fr
Sun Apr 11 12:02:58 CEST 2010

Les R a écrit :
> Hi Nasser,
> I would install something easy to maintain. A good package management
> system is one based on Debian apt-get. This includes both Debian and
> Ubuntu distributions.
> However, any version _will_ work fine, it's just a matter of simple
> installation and long term stability and usability.

I agree (I run Debian Lenny myself), Debian has much improved it's ease 
of installation.

The critical point is the need of a good partition of the disk, with
good separation of the various system and user directories.
It is possible to just have one system partition and one user partition, 
but I found myself better with a set of partitions respectful of the 
OS's structure (/, /boot, /usr, /var, /tmp) and of the user's structure
(as a practical single user, I have /home, /ext -- what is downloaded 
from non-OS sites --, /audio, /video, /images.

As fas as Debian is concerned, the development model is conservative: 
the stable version is published after extensive testing and packaging 
can be late with respect to development: e.g. TexLive in Lenny (the 
current stable version) is texLive 2007, and 2009 has been published 
last November (its is quite easy to install thes last version from tug.org).

A more up-to-date version is testing (code name Squeeze), which will be 
the next stable version, but maintaining testing up-to-date needs a much 
higher traffic than maintaining stable, not to speak of possible 
uncorrected bugs.

Another option to get more recent versions of packages (e.g. LyX) when 
using stable is to inspect the backport repository.


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