[l2h] determine gs_lib - gs-init.ps missing

Shigeharu TAKENO shige at iee.niit.ac.jp
Tue Sep 8 12:51:18 CEST 2009

shige 09/08 2009

Christian wrote:
> on a XP machine with MiKTeX, I get the following error when using  
> config.bat:
> Warning: Could not determine GS_LIB path.
> I installed Ghostscript 8.70 and could not find gs_init.ps.
> Does anybody know how to solve the problem?

In GhostScript 8.70, gs_init.ps is moved from lib/ to 
Resource/Init/, but gs870w32.exe doesn't seem to have files in
the directory Resource/ certainly. I don't know whether the 
files in the directory are needed on Win32.

If your gs binary works correctly without setting the 
environment variable GS_LIB, you may ignore the warning 
message above.

If not, add the following line to your pstoimg script by hand:

 $ENV{GS_LIB} = 'gs_lib_paths';

where gs_lib_paths is the ghostscript library directories
separated by ';'. For example, 

 $ENV{GS_LIB} = 'C:/gs/gs8.70/lib;C:/gs/gs8.70/Resource/Init';

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