[l2h] A sum in the denominator of a fraction didn't look quite normal.

Pat Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 30 07:24:29 CET 2009

Hi.  In a LaTeX .tex file when a sum appears as a term in an equation, for example if I were to type these commands,

y=\sum_{i=1}^n x_i

, it would look as it should after running a latex2html command on the .tex file with the "i=1" below the summation sign (capital Greek letter sigma) and the "n" above the summation sign.  But when a sum was arranged to be in the denominator of a fraction, say if I were to type something like this:

y=\frac{1}{\sum_{i=1}^n x_i}

, in the resulting latex2html, output, .html file the items corresponding to "i=1" and "n" were not respectively placed at the top and bottom of the summation sign.  Instead they were placed right after the summation sign, more like you might expect for the upper and lower limits following an integral sign.  That format can be understood because the "i=1" and "n" would lie close to where they should be relative to the summation sign; but that doesn't look exactly right for a sum.  I guess the solution may be to add some vertical space(s) within the denominator of the fraction so that LaTeX or LaTeX2HTML will have the vertical spaces in which to place both the "i=1" below the summation sign and the "n" above the summation sign where they should be without the "n" overlapping the fraction line above it.  If so, what sort of command should I include in mathematics or math mode to increase the vertical space in a fraction to make the summation look completely normal, as in my first example here, which I expect would not have any vertical placement problems?  Thanks in advance for help.

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