[l2h] hyperref with tilde

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Sun Nov 29 17:27:34 CET 2009

>>  texi2pdf test
>> shows the "~".
> Hmm. But  texi  here means  'texinfo'  doesn't it?
> Add this is designed for interpreting Unix 'info' coding.
> Sorry I don't know the details for this, but is ~ meant to
> be a non-breaking space under these circumstances?

I'm not sure. The command I was actually using is:

    texi2dvi $(TARG).tex

and my understanding is that this was a "good" command to use to force
enough recompiles for label/refs. I've been using this for years
without problems. And the ~ works in situations other than hyperref{}.

>From the texi2pdf manual:

   Run  each Texinfo or (La)TeX FILE through TeX in turn until all
cross-references are resolved, building all indices.

Looking at the commands generated with texi2div (or texi2pdf) I sure
don't see anything which could be effecting this. I'm not enough of a
texpert to follow all of this. I thought that I'd try a
\usepackage{hyperref} with the test file to see if there were
differences but it appears that the \hyperrref{} command defined this
way is quite different from the one defined by html.sty. So, my
debugging halts at that point.

Anyway, Ross, I do have the files generating quite nicely now. If I
can help in figuring all this out I'll be pleased to help.

Best and thanks.

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