[l2h] Some bitmapped images produced by latex2html contain solid edge at the bottom of the image

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Fri Nov 13 02:44:51 CET 2009

>> I think your problem is similar to:
>> [l2h] cropping bars --- problem persists :(
>> http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/latex2html/2003-February/002205.html

I have find an interesting observation which can give clue to some l2h 
expert where the problem is.

The number of those bars at the edge of bitmapped images is strongly 
correlated to the setting of the following 2 paramters on the l2hconf file


In particular, by fixing $MATH_SCALE_FACTOR = 1.6,  and changing the 
$DISP_SCALE_FACTOR, I get different number of edge bar show up in the html I 
am working on as following (everything else is constant)

$DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2,  number of bars =5
$DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.3,  number of bars =13
$DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.1,  number of bars =64

I also get different number of bars show up when I change MATH_SCALE_FACTOR 
from 1.6 to say 1.5

The least amount of bars I have found so far (but I did not try much more, 
getting tired of this) is


So, hopefully this gives someone clue to where the problem is. It is clearly 
in the image conversion/generation process.

And btw, where the bars show up, is random. i.e. when $DISP_SCALE_FACTOR=1.2 
those 5 bars that showed up in that case, not all of them show up again when 

Thank you,

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