[l2h] latex2html on windows: How to tell it NOT to use the ALT attribute for the <IMG> tage? tex2html_comment_mark problem

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Tue Nov 3 00:11:29 CET 2009


I tried the same latex file on linux, and used latex2html there, and I see 
the same problem on linux as well.

So, may be something wrong with my latex file?

Could someone who has latex2html working on their system please try to run 
latex2html on my file? I tarred the folder with the file in it and put it 
here, it is called foo.tar


when do tar -xf foo.tar it will create a folder and inside that there is a 
file called analytic.tex

if you do

latex2html analytic.tex

and then view the result, do you get those  <tex2html_comment_marks> in the 
equation images?

I assume there are people on this mailing list who are using latex2html :)


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>I posted this on the comp.test.tex then I found about this maling list, so 
>I am posting this here. May be I can get help.
> Please let me know if you need any more information about this.
>> Hello
>> After spending 2 days of configuration blues on windows to get latex2html 
>> to finally generate images, I have one final problem to solve to get the 
>> whole thing working.
>> The problem now is the following:
>> When latex2html runs and generate the html document, for every image (it 
>> converts each equation and symbol to an image), it includes in the image 
>> itself the following
>> <tex2html_commet_mark>NUMBER  followed by a number which seems to be a 
>> counter as it increases for each image.
>> So all the equations look like something as follows
>>                  <tex2html_commet_mark> 99                 3 x + y
>>                  <tex2html_commet_mark> 100               2 x etc....
>> I was able to get rid of the   "tex2html_commet_mark" part, but the 
>> counters I can get rid of (the numbers above 99,100, etc...)  , so now 
>> the equations look like
>>                  < > 99                 3 x + y
>>                  < > 100               2 x etc....
>> I edited the file latex2html.pin and replaced the line
>> $comment_mark = '<tex2html_comment_mark>';
>> with this:
>> $comment_mark = '<> ';
>> Clearly this is half a fix, as I need to remove all of this ALT stuff 
>> from the images themselves.
>> The problem is that those $comment_mark are part of the image itself, and 
>> are also in the ALT= tag in the html as well.  So, the I need to find out 
>> how to remove them before the images themselves are processed.
>> Any one else faced this problem with latex2html?
>> I am using
>> C:\LATEX\latex2html-2008>latex2html -v
>> $* is no longer supported at latex2html.bat line 10607.
>> This is LaTeX2HTML Version 2008 (1.71)
>> by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.
>> I know very little perl to attempt to hack the latex2html.bin more than 
>> the above. I searched google.
>> thank you for any hints.
>> --Nasser

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