[l2h] color of the text for the 'next' type of button

Christian Salas christian.salas at yale.edu
Sat Jun 20 21:46:15 CEST 2009

hi there,

how can i change the color of the text of the 'next' (and up, etc) type 
of buttons in latex2html?

my current .latex2html-init file is

	TEXT=\"WHITE\" #color de la letra #YELLOW,WHITE,BLACK
	LINK=\"YELLOW\" #color de los links #BLUE
	ALINK=\"BLUE\" #color del link ???#BLUE
	VLINK=\"ORANGE\""; #color del link after cliking it#ORANGE

you can see in my current webpage, that giving that the background color 
is black, the color of the text of the 'next' type of buttons is red or 
something, which is really hard to read.

thanks for your help

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