[l2h] table cell spanning multiple rows

Lucio Chiappetti lucio at lambrate.inaf.it
Tue Feb 24 18:47:20 CET 2009

I would like to produce in a document I'm going to write (in latex2html, 
with PDF and HTML versions) a series of tables structured like this.

  - two columns
  - a header row
  - the second column may contain groups of lines (typically statements
    in a programming language)
  - for each group of lines the first column shall contain a single cell
    (typically with the language name)
  - the groups shall be bordered, but the multiple lines in each group
    in the second column shall not be separated by horizontal borders.

I found that the multirow package (see attached tex snippet) does in the 
PDF output exactly what I want.

But apparently latex2html does not support it, and does not generate 
sensible HTML. The HTML I want is illustrated in the attached HTML snippet 
(produced by hand, I'm more proficient with HTML than latex).

As last resort I could duplicate the coding wrapping the two parts in 
\latex and \html clauses (but to do that, since I have several tables, 
I'd have to write some script to automatize it).

Is there a smarter way all inside latex2html ?

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{\bf Language}     & {\bf Statements} \\\hline
& \fortran{PROGRAM \textit{name}} \\
& ...                             \\
& \fortran{STOP}                  \\
& \fortran{END}                   \\\hline
& placeholder                     \\

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