[l2h] using includegraphics[] with image files having same names but in different folder?

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sat Dec 26 17:48:25 CET 2009

Using latex2html 2008.

I just found a nasty problem. I am trying to convert a large latex file to 
html using latex2html.

I have lots of images in different folders. in my latex file I have things 


But because the image file itself is called the same (e4.png in this 
example), even though there are different and in different folders, one 
image will end up overwriting the other during the conversion. I guess 
because l2h puts all the images during conversion in one folder (the tmp 
folder). So in the final html file, only one image is shown and duplicated.

So, this means, I have now to go and changes all image files names in all 
the folders I have and make each unique file name!

I have 100's of such images and have to edit the latex file and make the 
corresponding changes as well.

Is there a trick to make l2h handle such case? I am trying to avoid having 
to do the renaming and editing if possible.

My command is

latex2html -split 4 -show_section_numbers -subdir -local_icons  mim.tex

thank you,

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