[l2h] Unwanted black line segments under tall mathematicalexpressions in the OpenSuSE-11.1 Linux environment.

Pat Somerville l_pat_s at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 29 08:24:58 CEST 2009

Thanks, Shigeharu Takeno, for kindly taking the time to write to me.  For 
LaTeX2HTML version 1.70 in OpenSuSE-11.1 Linux I found the file l2hconf.pm 
that you mentioned with the path /usr/lib/latex2html/l2hconf.pm and learned 
that the "pm" file extension refers to the Perl-module file type.  In that 
file I found two lines reading close to what you wrote:

#$DVIPSOPT .=" -Pdpf" (perhaps with a ";" at the end of it, although I am 
not sure of this)

and line 136 reading:

$DVIPSOPT= ' -Ppdf -E';

Note that the first of these two lines of code is already commented out with 
a "#".  I commented out the line reading "$DVIPSOPT=' -Ppdf -E'" by placing 
a # in front of it.  Then I saved the file l2hconf.pm and ran my latex2html 
command on my .tex file of the form Myfile.tex.  As usual a folder with a 
corresponding name of the form Myfile was produced containing .png (Portable 
Network Graphics) images of mathematical quantities.  On inspection of the 
contents of that folder, thankfully I did not find any .png images with 
unwanted line segments either below or on the right sides of them!  When the 
output file of the form Myfile.html, which makes use of those .png images, 
was opened separately in the Konqueror-3.5.10 and Mozilla-Firefox-3.5.2 Web 
browsers, no unwanted line segments were viewed there either associated with 
those images.  So thankfully and thanks to you, the result was wonderful! 
And it is now no longer necessary to postprocess images using the 
Bourne-shell script eqnfix.sh, of which I earlier wrote, in order to remove 
unwanted, black line segments from the .png images.  So this is the simple, 
easy, and ideal solution!

One mystery remains, at this point a very minor one for me.  That is why 
using LaTeX2HTML 1.70 with the same latex2html command on the same .tex file 
in Fedora-Core-3 Linux in February of the year 2008 I did not have the 
unwanted line segments and in OpenSuSE-11.1 Linux in August of 2009 I 
initially did have them.  If the files l2hconf.pm were slightly different in 
the two cases regarding $DVIPSOPT, that could explain the difference.  But 
if that was not the case, the two different Linux environments would have to 
explain the difference in performance.  In any case, I don't have to solve 
this mystery now that, thanks to you, Shigeharu Takeno, I have a LaTeX2HTML 
installation which does not produce the unwanted, black line segments. 
Again thanks, Shigeharu Takeno, for your kindly taking the time to write me 
with knowledgeable help!

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> shige 08/27 2009
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> "Pat Somerville" <l_pat_s at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, again. I noticed that a few short, Portable-Network-Graphics (PNG) 
>> images
>> also had the unwanted black line segments under them. So, sorry, what I 
>> wrote
>> earlier about the problem related to tall images seems to be not entirely
>> true.--Some tall images and a few short images had the black line 
>> segments
>> under them.
> If your configuration file l2hconf.pm includes the following line
> $DVIPSOPT .= " -Ppdf";
> comment out the line. The option '-Ppdf' in $DVIPSOPT may cause
> the problem.
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