[l2h] pstoimg multipage files: foo001, foo002, ...

David J Strozzi strozzi2 at llnl.gov
Wed Nov 26 19:11:26 CET 2008


I have a rather minor request.  When processing a multi-page ps file, 
pstoimg generated filename like foo1.png, foo2.png, ..., foo10.png, 
foo11.png, ... .  Suppose you want to process these files in order, 
say with convert.  It will do

foo1, foo10, foo11, ..., foo19, foo2, foo20, foo21, ...

instead of

foo1, foo2, ..., foo10, foo11, ..., foo20, ...

It would be great if there were an option to have zero-padded file 
names like foo001, foo002, etc, so that the natural ordering is 

I realize there are easy ways w/ a shell script or what not to fix 
the output, but if this could be done directly by pstoimg it may save 
some hassle.

By the way, my problem is this: I use Yorick (interpreted numerical 
environment) to post-process simulation results.  It makes a 
multi-page ps file.  This can be quite cumbersome when making 2D 
plots on large grids.  I want to make this a bunch of raster images 
(png's seems best) and then goop them as a pdf for convenience.  I 
use pstoimg to make them png's, and this seems to work quite well. 
Then convert puts a white border and makes them one pdf.  Except it 
gets the page order wrong.

Thanks and cheers,

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