[l2h] Quality of Converted Images

mark duke mark.duke at simpack.de
Wed Mar 5 10:39:37 CET 2008

Hi Bruce,

>mark duke wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I am having some problems with the quality of the png images generated 
>>with latex2html. The images generated are often difficult to read as in 
>>the generation process the images are scaled. In the conversion from eps 
>>images to png images I do not want to have any changes in the 
>>resolution, i.e. direct 1-to-1 conversion in terms of the size. Even 
>>when  I set the scaling to 1, it still seems to scale the figures. This 
>>is some example code:
>>          {diag_props_gen_chop.eps}
>>From the included image, I'm guessing you had a raster image
>to start with (png, gif, jpeg).  If you put that next to
>the eps image, with the same base name, and leave the ".eps"
>off in the \includegraphics, latex2html should use the raster
>image instead of converting (& rescaling) the eps.
Thanks a lot for you for your help, it nows works exactly how I want it to.

Removing the option relating to the scaling prevented it also from 
scaling the image:



Best regards,


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