[l2h] TEXINPUTS are not honored for texexpand

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at acm.org
Mon Jan 1 20:57:06 CET 2007

I have some trouble with defining TEXINPUTS for latex2html's component

Having the following directory structure:


s.tex and s/sb.tex include h.tex and f.tex, e.g. \include{h|

TEXINPUTS environment variable is set to /w/main:

converting b.tex to HTML works flawlesly

the conversion of s/sb.tex fails with texexpand not finding the
included files.

after exploring latex2html, I found, just before the call to
texexpand, that the internal value of TEXINPUTS is the current
directory and the value of the environment variable is ignored. This
doesn't corresponds to the documentation.

I found a workaround by setting TEXINPUTS, before calling texexpand,
to the environment variable's value:


If somebody is interested in a patch I can supply one.

mailto:pfelecan at acm.org

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