[l2h] Anything "new"?

Jean-Pierre Chretien Jean-Pierre.Chretien at cert.fr
Wed Aug 29 09:35:43 CEST 2007

>>> Simple and Easy instructions and examples are very much appreciated.
>>  latex2html <your_latex_master_file.tex>
>>See how it works out

Trying it of the box on a big doc may get suprising results, and it
will take time to build images if there are many formulas.
I would suggest to try it out on a simplified representative document
(master + 1 chapter e.g.).

Parsing the conf file l2hconf.pm and tuning it to basic needs
(aroud which you will be able to make variations with the
command line switches) is also a good idea. 
In particular check the icon stuff and the split control.

Just my little 2c


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