[l2h] latex2html

Berend van Wachem berend at chalmers.se
Fri Sep 15 18:56:09 CEST 2006

Dear Ross,

Thank you for your quick response. Is there currently any active 
development on the package?

>> I did get latex2html working, but it shows a dark line on the left  
>> and bottom of all my equations and symbols. Is this a problem with  
>> latex2html or netpbm?
> If this happens to all the images, then it is probably
> a problem within the calls made to  netpbm .
> Or it could be that an option can be added to  dvips
> to adjust for changes in that, since LaTeX2HTML was written.
> Someone on the mailing list may be able to help,
> if you state the particular computing platform
> and what versions of all the relevant software
> you are using.

I found that the "problem" lies in the images.tex file that is created. 
And equation is represented by

$\displaystyle \sqrt{g}_C \Delta \xi^2 \Delta \xi^1$%

and the \lthtmlinlinemathA and \lthtmlindisplaymathZ cause the extra 
lines around the equation. If I take them out, I get no lines 
surrounding the symbols. Is there anyway I can manually adjust the usage 
of these?

Thanks for a great package,


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