[l2h] pstoimg conversion fail

Pavel Sanda ps at twin.jikos.cz
Wed Nov 8 16:22:04 CET 2006


having failed to find the maintainer of pstoimg,
which is part of the latex2html, i send it here...

pstoimg fails to convert certain postscript image
when running "pstoimg bum.ps"
(see attachment)

when i looked more deeply into the problem, it
seems that pstoimg wrongly create .pnm file -
pnm wrongly contains two images instead of one
(see "pamfile -allimages" for the interim pnm file )
and the reason is the "showpage" command during
the call of the ghostcript in pstoimg.

when i comment out that command, it creates only 
one image in .pnm and netpbm utilities dont complain

interestingly, when i try to run pstoimg bum2.ps
which is the same file, but in monochromatic
version, there is no problem.

one possibility howto repair it is to give 
correct command to ghostscript (however i'm not
experienced with its commands, so i'm not sure 
whether removing of showpage doesnt harm something 
second possibility is to use 'pampick 0' for picking
the only the first image before 'ppmquant' calling from

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