[l2h] Same image generation problem

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Nov 2 23:18:27 CET 2006

Hi Bob,

On 03/11/2006, at 8:47 AM, Bob van der Poel wrote:

>>> Oh, WARNINGS doesn't help with this. IIRC there is a command to 
>>> generate
>>> image generation warnings???
>> latex2html -debug  ....etc....
>> Then you should be able to find which program fails first.
>> Finding out why it failed is much harder.
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> Thanks Ross. Seems some mail got crossed.

Hmm; yes, I now see that your message was dated 31 October, but only 
came through the  latex2html  list today.

> 1. Is there a problem with the mailing list? I got a bounce message 
> when I replied to the "you have been subscribed" mail.

The technical guys have been doing some work, aimed at SPAM reduction.
That's all that I know about possible current problems.

> 2. I have solved the mystery. My disto didn't have 
> usr/share/X11/rgb.txt ... copied it from another location and all is 
> well.

OK. I remember seeing this, but didn't make the immediate connection.

> Just a thought, would it be possible to have a short "test suite" 
> which exercised the image conversion stuff to generate "you are 
> missing.." stuff. Looking over the mail list it appears that there are 
> a lot of problems like this. I'd volunteer, but I don't do Perl.

Yeah, that's a possibility.
It is already there, in a sense, with the   make test   step of the
standard installation instructions.
However, with vendors/distributors such as  
trying to give repackaged automatic installations for the particular 
then it is really up to them to provide this kind of thing.

Very few people install directly from the LaTeX2HTML distribution, so 
available tests and checks that it provides simply get by-passed.

Other installation steps are frequently skipped too.
How many LaTeX2HTML documents do you see on the web without icon images 
--- because the $ICONSOURCE  variable hasn't been setup for the user's 
This is info that the user must provide, and setup themselves, not 
that a software distributor can provide.

> Best.



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> Bob van der Poel ** Wynndel, British Columbia, CANADA **
> EMAIL: bob at mellowood.ca
> WWW:   http://www.mellowood.ca

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