[l2h] Anybody home?

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Sun May 14 01:51:43 CEST 2006


I am  a retired UNSW professor, who now lives in a country town, Canberra 
(which also happens to be the capital of this great country, Australia).

I am writing a technical text in LateX, using suse10.0 distro of Linux and a 
LateX client "kile".  The system is able to use latex2html to convert the 
source to html.  I gave it a try and I am very impressed with the potential 
of latex2html.  Great programming effort!

I would like to share my experiences of latex2html and for this reason I did 
subscribe to this list.  I did encounter  some mysterious glitches  in 
conversion of formulae into html, using latex3html and would like to find out 
any possible methods to avoid those glitches.

Is this the right place to ask fairly simple technical questions?  Is it 
acceptable to attach small samples of those glitches to the emails to the 
list to show the problem?

BTW, I am very old (81), but I can still hold my own in a chess game or 
Structural Analysis, area of my speciality.  My age accounts for my use of 
OldAl nick on  several  lists.

Any and all replies will be greatly appreciated,

With kind regards,

Algis Kabaila (Al)

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