[l2h] problem with translating ps figures

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Jan 18 01:50:13 CET 2006

Hi Robert,

On 18/01/2006, at 3:39 AM, rpgoldman at sift.info wrote:

>>>>>> "RM" == Ross Moore <ross at ics.mq.edu.au> writes:

>     RM> If you already have .gif or .jpg or .png  images, then it's
>     RM> easy enough to use "conditional" coding, with the  \htmladdimg
>     RM> command giving links for the HTML files.
>     RM> For example,
>     RM> %begin{latexonly}
>     RM>   \includegraphics{figs/myimage.ps}
>     RM> %end{latexonly}
>     RM> \htmladdimg[... options ...]{../figs/myimage.gif}

> I apologize for bothering you all again, but this doesn't seem to work
> for me.  Here's an example of what I do:
> \begin{figure}
>   \htmlimage{notransparent}
>   \begin{center}
> \begin{latexonly}
>     \epsfig{file=opal-inheritance.ps,width=.9\textwidth}
> \end{latexonly}
>     \htmladdimg{../gifs/opal-inheritance.gif}
>   \end{center}
> \caption{ ... }
> \tag{opalInheritance}
> \end{figure}

This requires also an empty \begin{makeimage}...\end{makeimage}
to tell LaTeX2HTML to *not* make an image of the whole
environment.  This is discussed in the manual.

    \caption{ ... }

BTW, is \tag the same as \label ?
If this causes problems, then you may need a local definition
for this, in your document's preamble:


> This yields LaTeX output that's just fine.  But when I use LaTeX2HTML,
> I get the following HTML generated:
> <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><A NAME="1032"></A>
> The ...  object.</CAPTION>
> <TR><TD><IMG
>  WIDTH="14" HEIGHT="10" BORDER="0"
>  SRC="img1.png"
>  ALT="\begin{figure}\begin{center}
> \htmladdimg{../gifs/opal-inheritance.gif}
> \end{center}
> \end{figure}"></TD></TR>
> </TABLE>
> </DIV>

Yes. It tried to make an image of everything, except the
  \caption  and  {latexonly}  parts.

This is the normal behaviour, since there could be things
in there that cannot be easily translated into HTML.

Some figures have HTML-interpretable stuff as well as
non-interpretable stuff. For these, there is the
which limits what goes into the image, and uses the usual
paragraphing rules for anything else.

In your case, you do not want any image at all, but have
a translation into HTML of everything else
  (i.e., the \htmladdimg  part ).
For this you need a {makeimage} environment having empty
contents.  LaTeX2HTML finds that there is no image to make
so leaves it out completely.

BTW, the \htmlimage{...}  command is redundant, since there is to
be no new image created. It's purpose is to declare special effects
to be used when making the image --- but there is to be none.

> I.e., it seems to ignore my \latexonly command, try to translate the
> image anyway, and ignores my htmladdimg.  Am I committing some howler
> here?  Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!

A common mistake, yes --- but not a howler.

Hope this helps,


> Best,
> R
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